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You deliver the same data over and over to various website? You upload a single video to more than 10 different publishers again and again? That costs you a lot of bandwith, time and money. Especially people with a small upload bandwith, like DSL 16.000, wait around 30 minutes for a 200 MB video to be uploaded to one website. So we are talking about 5 hours, if you upload the very same video to 10 sites. Let us do the job for you. You upload the video to us once and we will deliver it to every website you name. We know there are other tools like ours out there. But different from competitors, we are able to deliver to every website – not just to the sites, that allow FTP-Upload. So test us and save time and money. If this is your very first time you use this service, a 25,- € account setup fee occurs (one-time fee).

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