Media Buying

Media Buying in general means, that you simply buy advertising space at any medium there is: can be print, TV, radio, Websites. What internet professionals usually mean, if the say Media Buying, is Display Advertising at websites – which is the placement of banners at a page. We are pretty sure you tried that out – the traffic networks usually find people willing to buy pretty fast, setting up an account is easy and first payment made into minutes. But this is where it gets heavy. There are so many options to set up a campaign, so many choices. So if you dig a bit – you will read about CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA campaign types, you will figure out that A/B or even better A/A/B testing is important – and you start to find out, that media buying is not going to be as easy as it sounded from the traffic network sales rep.

But lets say you went trough all the hassle and bought some space – most likely you will fail and waist you money. Why? There are a million reasons – most of them come down to that you weather are unexperienced, had no time to control your campaign every day or had not the power to put pressure on the ad networks.

We work with every single network out there on a daily base. We know the black sheep, we know the good, the bad and the ugly spots and we have the power to get what we want. Why? Because numerous mainstream and adult companies gave their media buying budgets to our hands. Our stuff works day and night – checking and optimizing the campaigns of our costumers. If we find a publisher who is sending fake traffic, we ban him for every campaign we run. So you profit from the sheer amount of data we collect every day.

On top of that of course our total budget is extremely high. If a media network loses you as a costumer, they might not even care much. If they loose us, they will notice big time. This is why we usually get special deals for our costumers: saving them tons of money. Usually these benefits already pay our expenses.

So why not sending us a mail and ask, what we have to offer. We do everything from checking and optimizing your product and its advertising material, planing your campaign, setting it up, controlling and optimizing it every day – we even can create new advertising material or landing pages if needed. We work with test budgets starting at 1000,- € and our rates start from 20% of your total spend.

If you are a publisher: what works for advertisers, will work for you to. We tell you which advertising networks pays best for your traffic, how to get more out of it, how o optimize your site – simply whatever it takes to make you earn more.

Media Buying