Did you ever wonder, why your contestant, who has a product which is not as good as yours and who does not care as much about his business as you do, makes millions of dollars every year while you are struggling to pay your employees or even your rent?

The secret is simple. He has a valid marketing strategy he follows, while you are trying to sell your product, in the hope people will recognize, how good it is. Let’s be honest: this is never going to happen.

If you are not willing to spend 30% of your overall income (for startups even more, we are talking about 98% for very successful startups) you are lost, trying to sell your products at the internet. We know: you heard about SEO, Social Network Marketing, Tube Marketing, Wave-Strategies, Media Buying, Real Time Bidding – but do you really know what it means? Do you do all that? Do you know how to do it?

We bet: you may be good at parts of that, but you don’t know everything we just mentioned. Why? Because this is a team job, where you need experts for every field, which are highly specialized.

And we happen to have one of the best, when it comes to general strategies: Daniel Schiemann. Dan is recognized among the top ten online-marketeers in Germany, holding speeches at conventions and in front of leader-boards of companies like Springer, the biggest media company in Germany, and BMW.

Dan will plan your marketing strategy with you, fitting your very personal needs and most important: telling you what fits into your budget and what makes sense to be successful from the first dollar on you spend for marketing. We are able to offer you a “full service” – meaning our experts will take care of every step of your campaign. But we are as well willing to develop just a valid marketing plan, giving you the chance to do parts of it in-house or give it to experts you trust.

Contact us and let’s see, if Daniels team can push your products to the attention, they deserve.

Daniel Schiemann